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  1. Jerking off builds up cock muscles...
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  2. DTK


    These are both words of great wisdom. LOL!

    Getting married might work to. I haven't done the NPV on it yet though nor do I have any practical experience.

    Perhaps rs7 can enlighten us...
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  3. Spank the Monkey Breakdown for the week 09/23 to 09/27:

    Total spanks = 14 (12 during market hours)

    Celebatory spanks related to profitable trading periods: 5

    Boredom jerk-offs during choppy periods: 7

    Actual sexual encounters with females (as opposed to with my hand): 1

    Spunk on keyboard, monitor, or floor: 2

    Ratio analysis:
    a) Reward to Spank ratio: 7.1%... 1/14, much room exists for improvement
    b) Discipline ratio: 85.7% ... 12/14, excellent discipline displayed, sticking to spank activity during market hours very well
    c) Positive to negative emotion ratio: 41.7% ... 5 /(5+7), this is a proxy for profitability deflated by market choppiness...a consistently high ratio through all market conditions shows a good adaptability to various market conditions... the 41.7% is on the low side, and much work remains to be done in this department... unlike with an aggregate profitability indicator, the use of a Spank the Monkey Choppiness Deflator allows for more meaningful comparisons of success between periods of contrasting market activity...
    d) Technical Issues ratio: 14.3%... 2/14, last week had a couple of technical issues, but no permanent damage was done...
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  4. DT-waw


    Candle, now you are more funny than Optional777! :)
    How can you shoot on the monitor? You won't see the charts, big white bullish candles!
    You should sell "Spank the Monkey" Trading System. With spank stops and shooting ( profit ) targets. When trader should have long, short... Just like you should offer "Private Mentorship" and Coaching Program... ( available for hot chicks only at special discounted price $9.95 per hour! )
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  5. nitro



    nitro :confused:
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  6. It's the reason we choke the chicken in the first place :D
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  7. Don't make pleasure sound like pain :eek:
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  8. how do you guys prevent your jizz getting all over your seat?
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  9. I catch it in tissue paper as it spurts out...
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  10. Too much info
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