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  1. Please answer honestly....
  2. I suppose this poll aint totally inclusive... it misses out 50% of the population (although the % is much smaller amongst traders)...
  3. uhh...there is another possibility that should be up there...granted, this doesn't happen every day, but usually a couple times a week, the lady comes over at lunch time and sits on me!!!

    that's the best way to relieve tension during the day...may not work at an office, tho...
  4. This is probably one of the "PROS" of trading remote...
  5. rs7


    None of you guys are married?
  6. What is sex like?
  7. Best thread in Chit Chat in awhile:)
  8. kinda like driving a fast car that always crashes in the end...
  9. smokey_mcPaat

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    hahahahha- oh my god, man, this one is just too easy....didn't you in another post to me tell me that you got laid more than i did? how sad- you are a virgin talking shit about getting pussy when you only have your hand to play with :D :D but once you get laid man- shit you are 24 and you haven't got laid? omg....but once you do, its like you can't get enough of it- try it sometime- YOU should look up "escorts" in the phone book.....:D :D
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    You can't compare sex to anything... just do it!
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