Spanish89 Wants To Become Prop Trader, Please Advise

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by SPAN1SH89, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. SPAN1SH89


    Aloha trader friends and newbs:.

    I want to be a prop trader, no interest of ever becoming a stock broker salesman.. lol

    But my CV just looks incredibly empty though compared to all the qualifactions most the other applicants would have.

    All i will be able to put is:

    8 GCSEs (4 Bs, 3Cs 2Ds).:.

    PASS grade for Travel and tourism Btec double award (2-A-level),
    between D- B at Law A-level.

    Ran an online retail business for 1year and a interntional shipping company for 1year at the same time while still being at college.:.

    Incredibly interested in the stockmarkets, practised on demo account every day for last 2months, knows how to use S&R lines.. ect, read up all about fundamentals and what the different news releases mean.

    (But no actual market related qualifications though).:D
  2. Bring 5k ,

    You on the team instantly
  3. SPAN1SH89


    Aloha trader friend and newbs:D

    I am a professional oil trader and have been for well over 2 months now. I always seem to call the market right so I must be doing somink right.


    I started with £500 and now have over 5k so could join you but need to make sure its no scam as I dont like scammers.:D

    I have the money and can prove it to you with a screenshot of my trading account.

    Check out pic below.
  4. oh

    i have no team, I meant go join bright trading or any remote firm, geneisis, tehres a bunch of them out there :)
  5. if you've been doing well all this time on your own, why change? Why not stick to trading your own account?
  6. cvds16


    start to trade CL-futures instead of this spreadbetting crap and you will automatically make more money + you can get the leverage without going prop.
  7. SPAN1SH89



    Thanks for the advice but i am doing fine making loads from spreadbetting and i dont pay any tax:p

    Would like to get into a firm then i can play with there money instead and make more using ther cash.


    Do you know of any firms that would take on an exerienced trader in oil, i am currently trader sp500 now as well as it seems a lot slower but very easy.
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