Spanish FTT is effective on Jan.14

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  1. anyone received message from IB that spanish ftt will be effective on Jan.14 at the rate 0.2% including stock, option and futures?

    0.2% is huge, basically kills day trading.

    do not know when biden will impose ftt on US exchanges. if that happens, I lose my job as day trader.
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    Wow sorry to hear that, 0.2% completely destroys day trading for sure.
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    only shares and the acquisition of shares as a result of the exercise of equity derivatives (futures and options) are paid by the buyer
  4. virtusa


    You can switch to crypto's or forex.
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    Sssshhhh.... don't give Pelosi Kamala Biden ideas : o
  6. zdreg


    Do you think a successful stock market trader can be successful at forex?
    Do you think a successful heart surgeon can be a successful back surgeon?
    Some years ago floor traders transitioned to be upstairs traders. As a group they had mediocre results.

    Dream on.
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    Some years
    I know you are saying in humor but still ....
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  8. Are these governments moving towards taxing everything under the sun?
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    Does the sun rise in the morning Do fish swim?
    Governments are desperate for revenue for their failed welfare countries.
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  10. virtusa


    My system is used on futures, forex, and crypto's. The trader has no input on the trading. Purely mathematical. So yes a successful stock trader can be successful in other areas too.

    Your surgeon comparison makes no sense as the surgeon is the main factor for success or failure.

    You can dream on... to find something similar.
    Systems are about numbers and see no difference between forex numbers, futures numbers or crypto numbers. Numbers are numbers.

    Like you say: "the group". I speak about the trader, not the group. In each group there are good and badly educated persons. A group is not identical to each member.
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