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    Yes, he must have noticed that i put this up, originally at the bottom his signature was at the bottom of the post. His handle is his website. Also if you go through some of his old posts some of them are signed nicholas santiago at the bottom and some are signed gareth soloway, meaning that more then one person from this website is running the account, and when you go to their site thats the name of the 2 guys who run the site.
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    I have a question: where is the border between "spam" and "legit" links lies? I sometimes mention my blog in ET journal, but do not post a link to it, cause not sure if that's allowed by rules.

    Could admins please clarify what is exactly allowed to link to and what is not allowed @ ET.
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    Thank you. No I don't have ads or sell anything there.
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    Please keep all content on EliteTrader, it's very difficult for us to keep checking your blog to see if you have monetized it. Just copy and paste whats in your blog onto our site.

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    OK, no problem.
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    And you did the favour and spammed it here for him. :)
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    I'm not sure if this is authorized or unauthorized spam - or if it is even spam. Looks kinda strange coming from a moderator, not sure if this would have implications as someone acting in what could be termed or interpreted as an official capacity for the Elite Trader Company - selling a trading system and offering services. May not pass the smell test.

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