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    It is getting hard to keep up with these!!!!

    IDEA: I started reporting spammers under here, because some mods ignore results from the "Complain" button. Likely 50+% of all spam r"Complain" reports were ignored.

    Why not put a separate SPAM button (Edit/Delete - Quote - Complain - SPAM --> at the bootom right of posts) that goes to a centralized SPAM place, where it always gets noticed by mods? You can even rotate such reports to Joe, Ivan, Magna, Baron, other reputable mods...

    This is a major problem to ET, and spammers know if their spam is missed, or even just sits a few hours, they will still get some traffic. Since ET does not screen new posters, at least a SPAM button on each post can hasten the destruction of spam and make it less appealing.

    Spam has killed such venerable sites as MISC.INVEST.FUTURES on the old "UseNet" parallel internet universe.
  2. Joe


    Thanks someone banned him, but I took out his posts.
  3. Wouldn't it just be easier to just make TraderZones a moderator with one ability only...

    Delete spam. :confused:

    Think about it, he's already doing most of the moderator work via hanging out at ET most of the day looking for spam and then reporting the spam.

    It just seems like a waste of time & energy for everybody to watch him having to make post after post after post here in feedback or via the complaint button about a spammer.

    Besides, you guys are always thanking him and he seems to have a sincere interest in protecting from spammer.


    * He's a former ET spammer and he knows how spammers think along with being familiar with spam tricks.

    * He already is an active poster here at ET and post multiple times almost every day (currently averaging about 8.05 posts per day).

    * Consistently looking for spammers, identifying them after investigation of their website, blog or whatever.

    * Doesn't seem bias towards anyone because he seems to attack just about anybody.

    Come on Joe...get off your butt and make the guy a moderator especially since we all know he's doing most of the work for you guys.

  4. LOL Mark :D :D