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    All he does is "arrange" area meetings under the guise of selling his wares. Refer to his other posts in the thread.

    I reported this before, but of course, EliteTrader does not really seem to take their TOS seriously...

    I am getting the idea is the best way to advertise on Elitetrader, is via spam. You may or may not be deleted even if someone wastes the energy to try and report it...
  2. Zones......... you sure you didnt have any relatives that were court prosecutors back in the 1600s in Salem MA ?? :confused:

    Because I think you have some of the genes passed down to you
  3. huh? i was talking to traderzones
  4. Did he log in under a different screen name and reply?
  5. Different spammer. When I use COMPLAIN button (the prescribed method), almost half the time, the Moderators do nothing.

    So I am trying this thread.

    It is amazing how hard it is to help this site. If they just acted on Complain, this would be a lot easier. It is almost like ET doesn't care much. Kind of annoying
  6. He sure as hell did!!!! THEN HE DELETED IT!!

    MODS MODS....... hurry....

    MODS, HELP... HELP Traderzones = Port1385!! :confused:

  7. You are right about that!
  8. I apologize, I was responding to the wrong thread. When I realized my mistake, I quickly deleted the post. Sorry once again.
  9. LOL! That's hilarious. Same user.
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