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  1. I again tried to use complain button to report a spammer before, but he is still here.

    So, is the Complain button useful or not???

    If the complain button is useless, is there another way to prefer notification of spammers?

    If this is OK, can everyone start using this method to promote their websites?

    His ID is his website. His main interest is drumming up views for his website. Is this a spammer or not???
  2. I know you are on a lot of ET members ignore list due to your own past spamming activities in your prior Journal that Magna had to delete the links to your fee-based website then post a warning to you in your journal...

    There's also your spamming activities to sell your system in the classified section.

    With that said, I notice a lot of spammers are getting warnings by moderators...

    Moderators that Baron hasn't allowed to delete the membership of spammers.

    Simply, I think only ET management has the authority to remove spammers.

    Here's a suggestion...

    You should get a new alias which shouldn't be too hard due to the fact you already have multiple aliases which in itself is a TOU policy violation.

    Next, with your new alias, you can go after all the spammers and everybody should start listening to you because the TraderZones alias has a bad rap of being a hypocrite.

  3. and you are smoking crack, Mark. I have one user ID, and am selling nothing.

    Magna deleted something that did not accept customers, and that was clearly pointed out. I invited anyone to TRY and join, as they would not be able to. It was a tracking site.

    Should we talk about your attempt to set up a private forum last year, and that most of your threads are empty???

    Anyway, self-righteous one, you are now on ignore.
  4. Ok rcanfiel,

    If you don't have multiple aliases and are not rcanfiel, why would you say the following...

    I invited anyone to TRY and join, as they would not be able to. It was a tracking site.

    Lets revisit the past, that past journal (your other alias) was via rcanfiel. :D

    The links that Magna removed (deleted) were located in your first message post at the above thread and you can see Magna's commentary at the end of your journal.

    Thus, you posted multiple links in your thread but consistently only defend reference to c2.

    That's the link (c2) nobody had a problem's the other links (the ones deleted by ET management) you don't want to talk about involving a fee-based website (I only wrote the first letter of each word).

    Simply, if you weren't accepting clients back in the day at your fee-based website with payment links still working back then up until recently...

    Why didn't you remove them. :confused:

    In addition, you later said casually to someone asking you (rcanfiel) why you doing all those polls here at ET.

    Someone else jokingly said he's going to use the info to start a another fee-based website.

    You responded via saying something like that's a possibility.

    Anyways, doesn't really matter because recently the site has expired or you got rid of the site but only more than a year after spamming it at ET.

    I also notice you aren't going to remark about your spam in the classified section (see last link below).

    As for me recommending to Baron to convert ET into a pay private site to get rid of the jokers...

    I did that ONLY after he publicly here in the feedback section asked for suggestions.

    As for my threads here at ET...there's only one at the following link called Trading Hammers - revisted.

    Doesn't look empty unless I'm really smoking crack. :cool:

    Once again, I highly recommend you change your alias if you want to be taken seriously especially since you've just admitted in a round about way you've done it at least once.

    By the way, I see you've switched to the large fonts (YELLING) to show your throwing another temper tantrum.

    Next time take a long look in the mirror when you complain about other spammers.

    Last of all, the issue is not that you had a fee-based website...nothing wrong with that.

    The issue is that you spammed it at ET, got shut down, later spammed your system in the classified section and now pretend it you weren't really going to accept any money. :D

    A system you try to sell that's unaudited, unverified by any third-party proof trading system...

    Ironic by the loudest person at ET throwing the same requirements at others.

    P.S. Don't already said I was on ignore unless your also a liar besides a hypocrite. :cool: