Spammer wannabe likely forming

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  1. haha your catching them in advance now, you got this shit down to an art! :D
  2. What was that movie where Tom Cruise is a cop that arrests people before they commit murder based on the precognition of some telepathic oracles?

    TraderZones is that cop, but for spammers.

    hahaha i was thinking the exact same thing i decided to keep it short and simple. Great minds think alike, or fools seldom differ??:D

    Traderzones has the gift. :D
  4. urma was/is doing the same shit over at traders lab. It's a more calm crowd over there, so it kinda got passed over as potentially valuable info...

  5. Yes, its called: he doesn't trade anymore cause he could never make it work so he spends all his time here at ET badmouthing everyone and everything while catching spammers on the side.

    I don't understand, if he's such a valuable commodity, why hasn't ET made him a mod yet? Strange :p

  6. TraderZones,

    I appluad all efforts to rid these boards of both spam and abusive, content free, off topic attack posts.

    As to selling stuff, in NONE of my years, and hundreds of posts on TL and NONE of my posts here have you or will you see ANY sales or marketing ptiches.

    The reason is very simple - none of it is for sale, hasn't been and wont be. For over a year we have been getting daily requests from this and other forums to buy our technologies and the answer, as many from this and other forums can verify, has always been no.

    TraderZones - I know you are known as the spam cop and that's great. It just so happens you got this one wrong as will happen from time to time with all true RiskTakers.

    If you do just a bit of research you will discover that what I say is the the truth - if the truth matters to you and if you are big enough to man-up and admit you are wrong.
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  8. What some of you fail to realize is, in the movie Minority Report, the whole precog program was shut down and all inmates released and pardoned. What TraderZones is doing, in many cases, is guessing who will BECOME a spammer. Its one thing to nail a guy who is spamming, it's another thing to take it to the level that he is...guilty until proven innocent and that's bullshit.
  9. Thank you. Very well said indeed.

    Funny how when you look at the body of work by attack posters it often seems as though the great majority of their posts are more about drama/personal than content and what posts they do make on the market are most often very light in both concept and originality.

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