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  2. LOL at the thread title!!
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  4. These were the results that he talked about CoolTrade. it is his product.

    He at times claims to be not related, but as his earlier post says:

    "One of the reasons the CoolTrade system works so well is do to the excellent suggestions we get from so many of our members"
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    Yes. I am the founder / creator of the CoolTrade system.
    If you click on my name is says that I am the CEO.

    If you read my posts yesterday, they were direct answers to direct questions:

    >>>Is there an automated trading system that does NOT require programming? I said yes there is. CoolTrade does not require programming.

    >>>Is there a system that can send trade alerts to me in email? I said yes, CoolTrade sends trade alerts to any email address that you specify.

    If the forum is titled "Automated Trading", then talking about CoolTrade "an Automated Trading System", should not be considered offensive.

    The statement that "the CoolTrade system is as good as it is because of feedback from so many of the CoolTrade users", is 100% correct. I started developing the CoolTrade system after the 2000 stock market crash because I felt that I got robbed. But back then, the system was nothing like it is now. After years of comments/suggestions from so many CoolTrade users, the system is vastly better and more profitable. For instance, I do not personally trade FOREX (yet), but based on feedback, I have added forex trading capabilities. I only did that because of suggestions from so many who do trade forex. There are dozens features (that I more than likely would not have come up with on my own) that exist because of the great suggestions.

    I apologize if I am passionate about a product that I dedicated 10 years of my life to create and share with so many in 38 countries. I really am sorry that it offends you. I believe you can block my name so you do not have to be offended further by my posts. I will not be offended if you do that.

    I am only trying to be helpful. Earlier, in response to a question about technical analysis tools, I suggested a couple products that I use in CoolTrade (both were originally suggestions from users, before I started using them): fmlabs, and stockchartx.

    Happy trading guys!

    CoolTrade Founder
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    No. I don't get it? I never delete posts, if that is what you are saying.

    TraderZone, the problem is that you searched for "Cool" and not "CoolTrade".

    Your accusations are ALL WRONG.
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