SPAMMER - March 25

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  1. Well, eventually, he (spellcraft) starting linking to his website. (this is his thread:

    The URL he includes in the last few posts is his website. Free advertising is just too tempting:

    That's it. I start a brand new rubric of articles, which will show you some real trades on the market. My own trades. I assure you that I'll show you also the mistakes and the positions that went to losses. They are inevitable. If you want to be on the market, mistakes happen. But this is subject of another articles. Trading psychology is complicated as much it's important.

    The purpose of my new rubric here is only one - to show to our visitors what kind of risk management we use in our weekly forecasting service -

    And the poster makes it clear this is HIS site, he even resuses the word "rubric" on that website and makes it clear it is for his weekly forecasting service.

    Time to lock his thread and his user ID!!!
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    I agree. I took care of it. Thanks!