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  1. unsurprizingly, "smiles" started a thread 'Passage to $1 Million"

    now is offering emails, skype and a free trading room, and most likely soon, will be the paid version... Already had a twitter and facebook on his OP

    We have seen these too many times. Please do not go the predictable path of "we will wait and see." A journal does not need off-ET communications. A paid service in training DOES need off-ET communications.

    Either a journal is a place to track your trades, or a place to build a subscription list.

    If this is a way to build a business, let us know, and we all can make money using ET's gracious free advertising.

    Time and time again, ET is blind to these freeloaders, as ET does not seem to appreciate the value to them of building up a distribution list, subscribers, and others. On ET, it appears to be free.
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    I'll watch it, but right now it looks as if he's just doing a live chat. Is he promoting a website, other than his facebook and twitter?
  3. Traderzones, just report something and move on. No one wants to hear your whiny criticism of ET's blind eye or inability to see the mastermind plan at work. In case you hadn't realized, this is NOT your site. Hit complain and just move on already!

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    Haven't you ever spotted a potentially interesting poster who then has all his posts deleted? Aren't you at least a little curious why? I like to see how things unfold.
  5. the content of this post:

    Since there has been interest in people participating in a live trading room, I have decided to go ahead with the live calls room for Monday July 12th. The information is copied below. This will be an opportunity for people to see how an experienced trader trades. I will also be discussing how I apply my techniques to stocks/options.

    To help other traders get a better idea of how I trade, I would like to organize a free live calls day. The day will include live trading calls, discussion of the different setups that I use, and Q&A. The plan is for next Monday July 12th from 8:00 AM EST to 4:15 PM EST.

    If you are interested in joining in for the day, please email me at

    We will be using skype for this session. My skype name is Smilestrader.

    this along with a shock title (passage to a $million) & starting with $3K basically means, join our live trading room. After a short time, there will be a small subscription fee where you too can become wealthy...

    Is it hard to see, after dozens of previous people doing this, the pattern here? Or is ET oblivious to the fact that most commercial websites in the world now include a "enter your email address here for free..."

    The time to prevent someone from harvesting 50-60 targeted chat IDs/email acdresses on the back ofET under the guise of a journal is before they have a 4-6 week run...
  6. It is sad when other ET posters can see this, but ET cannot. As bigb said (on the same thread):


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    Quote from smilestraders:

    The live trading session was well received. We look forward to hearing the feedback from those in attendance. Based on the feedback received, WE will decide whether there is interest enough to warrant holding future live session.

    The track record will be updated shortly, and can be found at


    uh oh, here we go........i hope I'm wrong but looks like we have another one. Keywords WE in the above paragraph. Thought you were just one trader by yourself? And why are you starting to sound more and more proper and "corporate" in your writing and advertising your FREE live calls session on every post? I don't mean to sound so skeptical, but this is an indicator of what we have seen a hundred times on ET. Pretty soon, you'll be asking everyone if they want to join your personal "free" chatroom and then after awhile tell everyone, "I have decided that I can no longer offer my services free."
  7. I believe you were one of these people in the past.