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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by TraderZones, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. Um,

    to quote:

    As far as the reason I got kicked out of ET with the username
    joeb8822 I read your post and giving out passwords to our trading room may have been the reason, I can not think of
    anything else

    So I will no longer offer free passwords to our room from ET

    In the comming weeks I will be doing videos on trade setups
    in realtime and putting them up at my website for you to see

    He was kicked out of ET, changed aliases, does emails to ETers, and talks about his website. Is this not the prototypical spammer or what???

    Why not delete his several month long thread to take away the temptation? If you just lock it, he will be back again, and refer to all his posts from a new thread.
  2. Again,

    Alerting EliteTrader to a spammer goes in one ear and out the other. I posted this and I also used the Complain button yesterday. No action to the spammer's thread.

    I guess it is time to start a website, and use ET to build traffic!

    If they close you down, just start another alias and keep at it. It apparently pays.

    Sponsors? Why bother???
  3. The guy is pretty good really. Not your typical spam at all... maybe ET can work with him and he can become a sponsor
  4. Possibly, but bending the rules for some puts the whole issue into a gray area. Then who gets to publicize their website/works and who does not? Why bother to be a sponsor - just be popular...
  5. How come no action has been taken yet? Mods?
  6. And still it remains open.

    Go ahead, come to the guy's website!

    Set up your own service!

    You may just get away with it!!!!!!

    Sheesh. Get real, EliteTrader.
  7. What do you care how ET is run?
  8. Mysteriously you show up AGAIN in middle of another Traderzones posts ............... WHAT IS UP WIT THAT?
  9. Why do you care again?