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  1. Hi Baron,

    I'm sure you are already aware of this situation, but I just wanted to point it out in case you didn't know / authorize these mails. Here is a copy of a message I received the other day. I haven't been active at ET for a long time, so I was surprised to see it. The subject heading mentioned ET as the source of the message.



    ................ is looking for a few beta testers to evaluate our latest
    day-trading stock alert service.

    Visit us at ......
  2. I got the same SPAM sent to my email address through by the ET member called charris

    That guy needs to be BANNED.

    In fact, I've gotten more spam either in my private message box at ET or via my email address (its not my primary email address) through message delivery in the past 90 days in comparison to all the years I've been a member here.

    Also, there is a growing trend among resources that have private message boxes or direct connection to emailing someone through a website (such as ET)...

    It's a rich source of advertising because of the increase number of internet users using Ad-Blocker, Banner Blocker or the like type of programs.

    I myself haven't seen an sponsor AD at ET in about 18 months because of my ad blocking/banner blocking program.

    Yet, I'm getting hit heavily by pm in my pm or email box through

    Now...if I can figure out a way to block the spam from my pm box.

  3. That's you own decision of course, but know that the adds are a form of income for ET and as such replace a true subscription system, which I would hate to see (not because of the cost but it raises barriers).

    I wouldn't even mind receiving emails from sponsoring partners through ET, as long as it is clear that ET endorses it (and gets rewarded for it). Not too much of course, an effective dose. Prefixing the subject with a tag would allow my spamfilter to let it through :)

  4. charris
    Was banned once this came to notice. Is there another id sending the same message?
  5. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Trust me. He got banned and I went ballistic on the guy afterwards. I'm still pissed off about that whole thing.
  6. Bsulli


    So Baron, what your saying if I read you right is that there will be no picture posted of charris standing next to Warren Buffet from the next ET trading show reception.

  7. is my choice to use a firewall that has a built in Ad Blocking/Banner Blocking capability.

    I would have to go into its configuration to manually turn it off which is something I don't want to do.

    Further, it wasn't purchased so I can't see the ads at ET which I am sure is the same for many other members at ET.

    It was purchase to protect my desktop when I surf the internet at other locations.

    However, I'm not going to bother wasting time turning it OFF just so I can see what sponsors are advertising at ET and then turn if back ON when I leave ET...

    Not practical especially since today's browsers, firewalls and ISPs are making it commonplace with ad blocking/banner blocking built in as normal features.

    This is the trend today and advertisers too dependent upon reaching their potential customers through banner ads will need to rethink their marketing structure or get left behind.

    Now...back to the topic...

    If I get any more spam...I'll post it here along with an image of the spam as I did in prior post here.

  8. No of course not; as I said, is your good right. Wanted just have it pointed out.

    Also, you may be referring to pop-up adds, those I have never seen on ET but maybe because my browser doesn't open unrequested popups.

    As for inpage adds, I don't mind them and if they're really disturbing I rightclick to block further images form that server. These adds do in no way interfere with my desktop. Maybe the problem is caused by IE, because I see no way a browser could/should change your desktop.

    You're right that marketeers will find other ways around your blockade; I just hope they're just as easy to stop. That's why I prefer to allow a moderate amount of them in.