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  2. I think a free webinar about volume profiling is useful to everyone but that was totally not the point of my post. The point of my post was about volume profiling.
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    Volume profiling offered through a specific product right? If you don't have that products, you cannot do it, right?

    I think you are a shill.
  4. This just proves that you don't know what you're talking about.

    Many trading packages offer volume profiling. and I have nothing for sale.

    I won't reply to your childish behavior any more, I really don't care what your uneducated mind thinks as you're obviously here to pick fights instead of discuss trading.
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    Yes, he waited 3 yrs and 500 posts to fool you into thinking he was a regular Joe, and THEN he starts spamming.

  6. don't know if this is eventually intended to be cleverly converted over to paying service like many others do, but this site should not even be allowing this kind of behavior. But ET does not seem to grasp that this is 2010 and that floating websites, blogs and/or harvesting email addresses or other targeted (trader) contact information (traffic) is one of the main reasons these "freebies" come here.
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    "I am sorry I posted this too late...go to the seminar of this guy..."

    Do you think people are stupid? There are no free seminars. Time is money. They are looking for customers. Maybe you are not a spammer, just stupid.
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    little baby
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