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  1. How am I pretending to be you?! I don't even KNOW you, and I PMd you now because I don't know what your problem is with me...I hope a moderator will straighten this out soon, I've hit the complain button.
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  2. I don't know who TraderZones is...if you're referring to me, Ross is my first name though....the second part of my name is because I used to play baseball, 'can field'.... so Ross can field the ball...
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  3. That's perfectly reasonable. Not sure why 'Traderzones' is so huffy puffy.


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  4. Whatever the case is, I want things to get cleared up, I am not here to argue with anyone. He seems to be a well-respected poster (I browsed through his history a little), I have nothing against him or anyone else. I did make him upset it seems, but hopefully things will get straightened out.
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  5. Don't worry, everything makes him upset.


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  6. Probably because this is TraderZones previous username. Sometime after rcanfiel attempted to sell a trading system for several hundreds of thousands of dollars (right here on ET), rcanfiel became TraderZones.

    More than likely TraderZones' real name is something very close to Ross Canfiel. Hence TraderZones' problem with the username known as Ross Canfield.

    - Spydertrader
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  7. Seems that a misunderstanding occurred...can admin erase my posts in this thread? Thank you.
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  8. Joe


    Too many coincidences, ross canfiled & tradarzones.
    C'mon were not idiots.
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  9. As I explained to traderzones via pm, I don't know who tradarzones or ross canfield is...and I explained how I picked my username in this thread already. Ross (that's me), ex-baseball player, can field as in field the ball...change it to bobthebasketballplayer, it doesn't amtter to me...

    can I change my username (or can you do it)? I tried pm'ing you but it seems to not let me. I can't sign up for a new username under same email address either...
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  10. Joe


    # 2tradr
    # ross Canfield
    # tudor.squared
    All the same person.
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