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  1. I don't think "family member" qualifies to excuse spamming for websites ("prize money")

    Thread Title: Help my family member launch his site (prize $$$)

    So has been in the works for over a year. Today is the official launch. There is currently nothing on the internet that offers the same product for free. I have no monetary affiliation to the site.

    The site offers a completely free, private, and secure form of communication in message board type format. There is also a pay version with more features.

    There is a contest going that starts today, check the front page. If you like what you see please pass it on to anyone you think would benefit. The launch is completely word of mouth so any help is greatly appreciated.

    Feel free to discuss the site. I will pass on any feedback to the developer.

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    Please provide a link to the thread/post you're referring to.
  3. Got it.