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  1. Nice to get spammed via instant message..between the spam and the spam posters in the Traders forum and the S&P HAS TOPPED lunatic thread keep getting bumped up by one person with his many multiple ID's posting to himself, this place if far from elite. Not even worth being here any longer.


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    $0.50- $0.75 per options contract, NO Ticket Charges!
    If you are an active options trader, we can get your execution costs as low as $0.50 per contract with NO ticket charges! This is an established, stable firm that is looking to aggressively expand their options operations. Primarily, they are geared towards institutions and hedge funds, but will also accommodate the right individual accounts.

    The firm offers both floor and off-floor executions. For floor executions (either phoned in or placed over platform), the floor trader operates in a true “$2 broker fashion,” ensuring best execution price- they are not allowed to make markets or take proprietary positions- they only work orders for customers and have gained a reputation for quality fills. Off floor executions are facilitated by a robust, feature filled platform that allows for:

    *Automated trading (in arbitrage, block orders and on pre-defined algorithms- you can run an API as well and even code systems to run from excel based spreadsheets)
    *Block order management, risk management and position monitoring
    *Extensive support for options, strategy monitors and portfolio management.
    **This platform was designed for traders, by traders**

    The execution costs are the lowest on the street- and there are NO TICKET CHARGES!! :

    0-100K contracts/ month: $0.75 per contract
    100,000- 200,000 contracts/ month: $0.70 per contract
    200,000- 300,000 contracts/ month: $0.65 per contract
    300,000- 400,000 contracts/ month: $0.60 per contract
    400,000- 500,000 contracts/ month: $0.55 per contract
    over 500,000 contracts/month: $0.50 per contract

    For a brochure on the platform, a demo of the software, or for more information on the firm, please contact me at:

    Please include your name, email, contact phone number, firm name (if applicable) and number of contracts traded per month.



    08-12-05 11:24 AM
  2. they seem to strike at night...

    no rest for the wicked...
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