Spam PMs from blufftrader and protrader2000

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by jimrockford, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. I received PM spam from blufftrader, on Jun 12, soliciting me to do business with his brokerage. His PM started by noting that he had read my posting, as though something I had posted had made it appropriate and relevant for him to contact with me a solicitation. I asked him to identify which of my postings he had read. He replied that it was the one on partnership vs. prop. The truth is that nothing in that posting, or in any other posting by me, made it somehow appropriate or relevant for brokers to solicit or to spam me.

    I then, on Jun 13, received another PM spam from protrader2000, soliciting me to do business with his brokerage. His PM claimed that I had sent him an "email a while ago about trading", as though we had been having some dialogue or previous connection making it appropriate for him to solicit me. The truth is that I never, ever had any PM communication or other prior communication with anybody named protrader2000.

    My guess is that both these guys are systematically spamming other ET members with identical messages, which falsely pretend that they thought they thought they had some sort of connection with prior communications justifying the spam. Am I the only one getting this spam?
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    I got a spam e-mail from pro-trader 2000 too claiming I asked about his firm. He was kind of enough to give me all the info. LOL.
  3. I hope you won't mind my asking what will probably, in retrospect, be seen as a stupid question, but just for the sake of completeness, and hammering all the nails all the way into the coffin, DID you ask protrader2000 about his firm?

  4. yeah, same shit here, funny tho...he talked about an imaginary conversation we had and hinted at some non-existent enquiries of mine about prop stuff, R0R.
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    Thanks for the feedback. Those users have been banned. :)
  7. I see nothing wrong with "spam" PM's as long as it's trading related. The delete button is very easy to use.
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    That makes one of you :(