spam me his account # interbankFX id 20018, password 1234trade

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  1. anyone know this guy? he has been emailing me with his account number at interbankFX. what's the story here?? the linked site is so confusing and convoluted, i can't make heads or tails of it. surf


    The id is 20018
    and the investor pass is: 1234trade

    Fellow traders,

    We ended the week at $144,189.19 (see account 1386799
    pass 1234trade).

    Checkmate (CM) link.

    I am getting a lot of questions about how small your account
    can be to use the checkmate software. We find that you can
    start with $500 if you use interbankfx as they have small lots.
    Get your interbankfx account with this link and get 100 points.
    If you open an account with this link you will
    receive 100 WTA bonus points which can be used to get
    better prices when you have us manage an account.
    We plan to have more benefits later for which you can
    use the WTA bonus points

    I am trading a real account which is doing just as well as
    Bill Garrison's demo account 1386799 (pass 1234trade)
    percentage-wise per lot. I started the real account with
    about $5000 and I am doing small lots of course but per
    lot percentage-wise it is doing just as well. I am starting
    to like the CM more all the time.

    Click here to download the Interbankfx MT4 platform.
    And then you can login with id 1386799 and use investor
    pass: 1234trade It is the CM that is trading this account.

    Here is the checkmate (CM) link.

    Call Paul at 1-210-494-7057 and my number is: 1-610-873-1825
    if you still have any questions (other than tech questions).

    We started with a $50,000 demo account and the equity
    is now at $144,189.19 in about three month. We are using
    the checkmate (CM) software to run this account. We are
    running it 24 hours a day 6 days a week. Here is the
    checkmate (CM) link.

    I am using 90% of my trading funds to do the checkmate (CM) and
    10% to do the news items. I find that checkmate can make a profit
    right through the news items now that we have this new checkmate
    running. We will do a conference at 10:00 PM ET today to talk about
    the CM. This is a CM owner's conference. Calls are Mon-Friday.

    Best regards,
  2. bogdansbg


    Just a spammer who wants people to buy his signals form that page.