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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by TraderZones, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Vulcan's thread here -

    How about we not encourage people to set up their own service - complete with 5 minute YouTubes commentaries. We had enough of this annoyance with "Live With Oscar" a couple of years ago.

    By dating it, it is obvious they intend to do this regularly/even daily.

    If someone wants to start a service, let them be a sponsor. But they shouldn't be generating free eyeballs and traffic for off-ET constructs. The only reason to use YouTube like this is to generate buzz and traffic. Once a following is built up, then it can be monetized.

    Next thing will be "you have been watching my daily Youtubes, so for our regular watchers, you can get these comments in realtime, for a small subscription price of..."

    ET posts and commentaries should be kept on ET, otherwise, what is the point?
  2. Also, can you consider updating the Member Conduct Rules? People are constantly walking the line, by starting blogs and things like this Youtube guy, to generate off-ET traffic. I bolded the suggested update. This is a loophole in the ET TOS.

    6) Advertisements and solicitations of any kind are strictly prohibited unless you are a paying site sponsor. As a person who does not represent one of our site sponsors, you are not to solicit our members with any type of commercial offer, or advertise your business through your public posts, private messages, profile page, or file attachments. This includes, but is not limited to, posting your phone or fax number(s) and posting any URLs or hyperlinks to your commercial web site(s) or email account(s). This further includes attempting to generate publicity/traffic/buzz/list-building or soliciting others to register, provide email or other personal information by using "personal blogs" or other "non-commercial"off-ET sites. Elite Trader and its agents may remove or edit any posted content, without prior notice, that contains unauthorized advertisements or solicitations. Elite Trader may, without prior notice, immediately terminate your membership upon discovery of any unauthorized advertising or solicitation.
  3. You need a life!
  4. TZ, I saw the post you're referring to (Vulcan) and it didn't have any links or webpages associated with it. So I left it where it was. It was just an analysis of the market, and since ET doesn't have any video way of presenting that, youtube is obviously the vehicle for it.

    I'm going to hold off on censoring that, but keep an eye to see if anything else surfaces in regards to link, blogs, etc.

    Feel free to point out if I missed something.