spam is profitable.

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  1. Yes, i think 9 years is a bit much too... better would be a practical sentence like he had to personally delete - one by one - each spam he sent out... then he could go free... purnishment fits...

    cj... :D
  2. And how is this this different from other type of fraud?
    Its the same type of sub-human who scams the elderly.
    Punishment fits.
  3. I think they are trying to send a message....
  4. 9 years is OK for me. Think about what would happen if everybody would send out the same amount of e-mail?
    The internet would be one big congestion.
    I don't want spam; so that should be respected.
    I hope the next one they catch will get a few years more.
    This is more effective than spam filters. Zero tolerance.
  5. M Vega

    M Vega

    Jep that guy did good!
  6. M Vega

    M Vega

    It was a fat bastard anyways, maybe he is able to lose some weight in that 9 years and get a real hobby instead of dumping his spam in my inbox!
  7. There ought to be a law punishing a company that uses spammers for its advertisement as well. Although it's hard to enforce for offshore companies, many stuffs from those spamms are in some ways linked to US based operations.

  8. Jayne originally wanted to do something beneficial to society, like selling narcotics to consenting adults to make their lives more pleasant. Then he realized that he'd have to do a few decades behind bars if instead he decided to harass millions of people and defraud millions of dollars from little old ladies. He'll do alot less time this way.

    (sorry, couldn't resist)
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