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  1. A while back I purchased some domain names and possibly used my email address in a public forum. Anyway, the last couple of months the amount of spam I've been getting has gone from nothing to several pieces a day. I realize I'm still low-end but it drives me crazy. Does anyone know of a product I can use (preferably a free utility) to block spam before it gets to me?

    All reasonable suggestions welcome!
  2. It's your purchased of those domain names that got you on spammers list.

    Go back to the online source where you made your purchase or call them to ask them to remove your name and email address from their partners mailing list...

    because all you need is one of those partners to sell their list to the wrong types.

    Also...make sure your real email address (use a secondary email address) is not available with those domain names you own because its PUBLIC RECORDS to anyone to find info of name, email address, home address and IP address of the owners of domain names...any info that was associated with the purchase....

    Also, make a habit to only post your secondary (free email address like Yahoo!) at public boards.

    Stay away from Hotmail and AOL because they have a bad habit of over filtering...causing you to not receive email from those that don't spam and may be interested in purchasing one of those domain names you own.

    Something else...send warning emails to any business associate that sends you and others an email with all your email addresses visable to each other via the To: or CC:

    because its complete stupidity when they could have used to BCC: to hide everybody email address from each other.

    I do this with friends that send out emails to other friends all at once...allowing me to see 10-30 email addresses of others because my name was in that To: list along with everybody else...

    complete stupidity upon the email sender.

    P.S. One of the best way to fight SPAM is not to use your real email address.

    I get about 15 junk mails in my Yahoo address and NONE in my real email address mainly because when I treat my Yahoo address as if it was my personal address.

    Simply...I'm using my Yahoo email address as a filter.

    If you've made the mistake and are getting junk mail in your real email up your ISP...change your name to something unique...notify those that need your new email address along with telling them whenever they send you email to only use the BCC: feature...

    Mix words and numbers together to make your new email address...NEVER use you name like the following...

  3. I get approximately 150 SPAM e-mails per day with the e-mail address I have had since 1995. It is so bad, that I am at the point of just throwing that address away and starting a brand new one.

    SPAM is outrageous!
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    Yep, throw it away and get a new one. Then, every site that asks for an email address, give them one from When they start spamming to a particular sneakemail address of yours you'll just deactivate it. As a bonus you'll know what site sold you out so you can tear them a new one and feel good about yourself. :)

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    In Outlook Express you can put in certain Keywords that will send some of the unwanted mail to the deleted file immediately. But these people are getting clever with their wording lately. Just putting in naughty words does not get rid of all of it. I think there is some commercial spam eliminator software but since I never tried them I do not know how well they work.

    I use a couple of addresses to try and help this. My "junk mail" account at Yahoo gets 20 a day. Mostly porno and I never go to those sites ever. No clue how that happened?
    Any time a site asks for my email, I use that one. I find even when I purchase stuff online, they send spam even when you ask them not to. Only one that is good about that is Amazon. Never got spam from them.
  6. Yeah,

    I use Hotmail for any public registrations I make and that kept my email box clean for years and years. Recently however I registered my second and third domain names and that's what got me. Spammers are going to the Whois data base and lifting my address from there. I couldn't think of anyway not to give my real address when registering domain names.