SPAM from ET!---Kasper Sky Alert

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by jpatet, May 9, 2008.

  1. jpatet


    I signed on to Elite Trader in 2005 using an e-mail address that is unique to this registration. I never received any e-mail that used this address until today when I found two SPAM in my box that were sent last night (5/8/2008). The Subjects were the same:

    “Kasper Sky Alert Notice”

    The contents were identical and asked that I click on the executable.

    ET, I would very much appreciate an explanation.
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    We don't sell email addresses and never have, if that's what your wondering.

    Furthermore, if you're wondering why your email got a couple of spams, why don't you ask, the company who hosts your email account.
  3. jpatet


    What you are saying is possible, of course. But I have 23 currently active e-mail addresses through this provider and this is the only one that received these spam messages. I’d like other ETers to reply to see if they too received this e-mail.

    And thank you, Baron, for your prompt reply.
  4. Nope, no spam from Kasper Sky.
  5. I had 2 emails from them ( for a first time ever) yesterday
  6. Did you turn off the "receive email from ET people" when you signed up?? If not, I think this allows people to email you via ET
  7. Yeah. I got them too.

    And it was to the email account I used for ET signup. I use three email accounts, but rarely use the ET one.

    Does seem like quite a coinkydink. Could ET have been hacked?

    edit: And my option to recieve email from ET members HAS been turned off.
  8. Same same, knew it could only be from here so i just deleted it.

    Only spam so far, which is surprising really.

    (edit-i meant that WAS the only spam so far, not that everything from et was spam)
  9. opm8


    yep, got the 2 emails myself. I know for 100% certain they found me thru ET because the email address I use here has "elitetrader" embedded in it so I know who I gave it to. This site is the only place that I have ever given this address to. And the reason I name my accounts like this is when stuff like this happens I know exactly where the breach originated.

  10. Same here.

    Received 2 e-mails on Thursday, May 8th from Kasper Sky. There obviously is a "link" to ET, whether Baron is aware of it or not.
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