Spam email frequency a sign of the times???

Discussion in 'Economics' started by TheGoonior, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. You all get them...the unsolicited email from a friendly barrister, bank representative, spouse of a former president, Government ATM department, or FBI director (my favorite, when Old Bob Mueller needed my help). These helpful souls are willing to help you collect a f#*K ton of cash in exchange for a few minor tidbits of personal information. Always good for a laugh and written in what can only be generously described as "broken" English, I welcomed these as a great little bit of humor on the day. It used to be a rare occasion, but now I'm literally seeing multiple versions (5+) every single day. In many of these, the creativity and wit seems to be lacking and the poster's are just going through the motions...Is this the equivalent of a "Nigerian Spam Bubble?"
    I'm just curious if others are flooded with these as much as I am.

    P.S: Feel free to post the best ones you've received as I always get a kick out of reading them.
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    HFT is spaming everybody email at a incredible speed. flash speed