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  1. Hi,

    If you're like me, you've foolishly registered at various investment or financial web sites and are now getting SPAM on a regular basis.

    Check out

    It's a free SPAM reporting service.

    You submit the SPAM with full headers to Spam Cop via e-mail or the web. Then you goto to the SPAM Cop's web site to see who the potential spammers are. From there, with a click of a button, you can report the spammers to the ISP.

    Have fun with it.

    -- ITZ
  2. Baron

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    Technically, SPAM is junk email that you receive from a sender that you did not authorize to do so. If you registered at those sites, I'm sure there was probably some lingo in the member agreement which you agreed to (probably unknowingly though) that gives them the right to send you email, or you may even have agreed to receive email "from selected third parties". If that's the case, the email you receive from those sites is not really SPAM.
  3. Kind of ironic that an anti-spam site spams to promote the site?
  4. To everyone who's looking to fight or avoid SPAM:

    Check out

    There's lots of good info there for other spam related resources, such as free disposable e-mail address (see , as well as a free advertising free e-mail service with 10 MB of storage and POP3/IMAP/Web access that is sponsored by Novell (see )

    -- ITZ



    I have no affiliation with Spam Cop, so my posting wasn't a SPAM message.

    I came across Spam Cop while looking for an easy way to report SPAM to the ISP operators, and thought that others would find it helpful too.

    Like you said once before in another posting , this site is all about helping each other, and that's what makes it great.

    -- ITZ
  5. Just a word of thanks

    I have nothing to do with the site. I get a ton of junk email though. I have over 5 email addresses and the ones I get junk email from are ones I never give out my email address on. I am very specific if I have to give out an email address to use just my junk email address. I'm so tired of getting email messages about how to get out of debt, buy this Bulletin Board Stock, See this naked teenager who just became legal and so forth.

    I've already reported 50 in the last few days. I've noticed that the number of junk emails are becoming less frequent.


  6. Actually after reading through SPAMcop's user agreeement they are VERY specific about you not sending them anything you may have signed up for. If you do this they will suspend you from sending them reports of SPAM. I do like the idea of getting the SPAM's user IP suspended.