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  1. Aaron


    Are any of you familiar with the spam blocking programs on the market? Which do you recommend/use?
  2. Aaron , my ISP offers spam blocking with Surgemail.....Friends and Family. Am able to control people and places that i receive emails from. Only a select few can get in . Others are bounced.

  3. ron2368


    I have tried a few and they have not worked. I get spam for offshore drugs, mortgages and other junk. The messages always have random addresses and the messages have sections of garbled words and nonsense at the bottom.

    I cant believe that the senders have a shred of hope that I would do business with such imbeciles!

    The problem is that even if I block and bounce todays crap I still have 20 more tomorrow since they never have the same characteristics as the others. HELP:mad: :mad:
  4. vivimos


    Take a look at SpamNet -- Spam is identified through a "community" effort. If you are the first user to identify an email as spam that information is provided to the other users. There are no parameters to set.
    There is a monthly/annual charge for the program but I have found it to be well worth the price.
  5. Banjo


    What spammers have discovered is that deliberate giberish gets by the blocking sftw as not being recognized. Don't know how they can keep ahead of the spammers.
  6. Cheese


    Get huge amounts of spam. Thought it was around 100+ per day.
    Turns out its more like 400+ per day.

    How to increase the length of your manhood is a constant one.

    I used to just delete all the spam from Outlook. I now have the Yahoo anti-spam filter. Its free. More or less it just puts the the spam in a Bulk folder and puts the e-mails you want in your Inbox.
  7. Is there anybody who really increased the length of his manhood ? I am just wondering what kind of audience this stupid spam is targeting ?
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  9. yahoo mail provide excellent spam filters. it does have a good amount of false positives from the subscribed mailing lists, but those could be dealt individually.

    my yahoo mail is partially subscribed via SBC DSL. so the mail has disaposible email addresses that you can create. for example if u were going to subscribe to other mailing lists & such. if u get too many spam from those disposible addresses, u can dump it & get another one.


    just another great idea, that had worked very well

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