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    Proven and tested, with a record of 132 gains and a 20 lose. Take a look for yourself highly recommended!
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    I took care of him.
  3. Joe, you seem to be good at this. Is there any way to tell whether this "new" user ID belongs to someone else who is already a regular poster?

    --> sprinter
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    sprinter matches "charlie daniels" (banned) once out of 15 ips
  5. thx. Just has a habit of posting a lot of drive-by insults to many people, could not believe he just showed and automatically disliked anyone who said anything...
  6. why do people bother to come back time and time again when they are banned. can they not find another forum is it just spite.
  7. Are you talking about yourself?


  8. User ID mariannestevens is spamming multiple forums with a #1 Newsletter link.
  9. Got em, thanks.
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