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  1. stevet


    that was a neat trick, wild, it didn't open till 87!

    are you the wild who is or was on esignal?
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  2. wild



    the michelin building was there for sure then ... maybe i mixed it up with the winebar just across the road ... alzheimer probably


    no comment


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  3. stevet


    yep - i used to go to that wine bar called alzeimer! in fact there are hundreds of them all over the world!!!
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  4. Babak


    Telefonica (Deutsche Telekom)
    are some of the largest ISPs

    re IBEX yes electronically. I don´t know how else to say this. I put in an order and click SEND and it is sent. Without calling or talking on the phone. Hope that is clear.

    fast fills, liquidity dries up from 12-2pm otherwise it is ok and fills are fast (seconds)

    edat=electronic direct access trading

    re have to be aware of 'menu del dia' and ' a la carte' The first is really cheap but the second can be expensive (but both are really yummy!)
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  5. wild



    i had a flat in Redcliffe Rd. (further down Fulham Rd.) then, not far from St. Stephen´s Hospital ... is that little side road still in place or am i really suffering from ALZHEIMER´s disease like R. R. ?



    p. s.

    the particular kind of wildly over-priced "posh" champagne/wine bars packed with mindless drunken "jeunesse doree" - idiots you´re talking about is unique to London & not found anywhere else around the (civilized) world ...
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  6. stevet


    not up on all the sideroads!

    fulham road is still there though

    i only go to a couple of private clubs in london - new places don't do it for me anymore - but when i do go to them ocasionally - there are some great views! talk about kids don't know how lucky they are!
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