Spain to reveal bank ‘stress tests’ results

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  1. Spain’s central bank has thrown down the gauntlet to bank regulators elsewhere in Europe, saying it plans to publish the results of “stress tests” on the country’s financial institutions to clear up doubts about Spain’s banking system.

    Spanish officials and bankers believe that international investors and speculators are harbouring exaggerated fears about the potential problems of Spanish banks, when the banks of other countries are often weaker than Spanish lenders or have already been bailed out with massive injections of government money.

    Miguel Angel Fernández Ordóñez, governor of the Bank of Spain, said on Wednesday in a speech to launch the Bank’s 2009 annual report, that it had carried out stress tests to verify that commercial banks, savings banks and co-operative lenders had enough capital available to support even difficult growth scenarios.

    “The Bank intends to make public the results of these stress tests, showing estimated loan losses, the consequent capital requirements and the contribution of promised balance sheet reinforcements, so that the markets have a perfect understanding of the circumstances of the Spanish banking system,” he said.

    Stress test a la USA...
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    Here are the results ahead of the announcement, I cant give out my sources though
    "The spanish banking system is well capitalized"