Spain scraps health benefits for illegal immigrants

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Banjo, Apr 30, 2012.

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    Bleeding hearts aren't supposed to refuse free health care for illegals.
  3. Publicus


    You mean this hasn't been done already? In a country with 24.5% unemployment?

    This is a story of how taxpayers are canon fodder for politicians who use taxpayers' money to buy their own votes.

    Even when the money is just used to support people knowingly, and illegally, entering a country to take advantage of the existing citizenry.
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    Didn't Spain vote out their Conservative government when Al Queda threatened them after that train bombing if they didn't? Spain deserves what it gets.
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    Exactly. Spain is filled with cowards.
  6. No, Spain voted their Conservative government out of office, because they were caught lying to Spanish citizens right before the elections.
  7. what heartless scumbags. How could they not want their stolen tax money spent on people who shouldn't be there?
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    Maybe we should import some Spanish voters, so they will vote out Obama for lying to the citizens. Before during and after the election.
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