Spain retail sales fall 4% in August yoy

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  1. MADRID (MarketWatch) -- Retail sales fell 4% in August on an annual basis, the Instituto Nacional de Estadistica said on Tuesday. That compares to a fall of 4.9% in July. The biggest falls were in household equipment, down 12.8%, and food products, down 4.5%. Single retail stores saw the biggest fall of 6.3% in sales, followed by small chain stores, 4.9% and department stores, 4.4%
  2. Perfect timing for hiking Spanish VAT 01/2010 :cool:
  3. falling cpi numbers in japan out today....globally contracting leverage/money supply cb simply cannot hold back the deflation tide
  4. 1) Does Spain manufacture automobiles?
    2) Tapas for dinner seems appealing. :cool: