Spain, Portugal and Greece

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    If my memory doesn't fail me, this look like history repeat itself in 2008

    Greece = BearStearns
    Spain = Lehman Brothers
    Portugal = AIG

    What happened in America are Corporations. Now we are now are talking about Countries. What the french says " This was a special Curcimstances". That what they says about BearStearns too.

    Time to belt up for the ride of your life.
  2. yes it won't be nice.
  3. why is portugal AIG, portugal is so small
  4. don't say that it might get a inferiority problem.
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    Because Portugal might be broken up and sold off.......
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    And Dow drop a thousands point.....
  7. Don't forget Uk also.
  8. Big difference... The UK has a printing press and a central bank guv'nor, who's not afraid to turn it on.
  9. Hyper inflation

    then riots, followed by Honest dave fleeing to his country estate,

    Mob takes over whitehall,

    new govt in place,

  10. is that wise?

    if we get a conservative parliament that means the chancellor will be gideon george osborne III. is that very bad?
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