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    Me and my wife plan to spend next winter in this area in south of Spain (Malaga region probably).

    So I am looking for anybody who has experiences with living and trading from there.

    House/Apartment rental, Good Internet access for trading and so on.

    Please share your experiences or contact me.

    Thank you ,
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    The person you want to talk to on this site is H20.

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    I have been doing researches about that area myself. I would recommend visiting websites of UK expats living in that area, a lot of useful information.

    It is highly possible that I may spend next winter in that area (Malaga) as well.

    Do you speak Spanish (I don`t) ?
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    Hi all,
    no I do not speak Spanish but I speak english and my wife German. I think there should be a lot of community speaking English and a lot of person speaking German.

    As I see, it looks as ideal place how to avoid bad winter time. Only what I need is good house or aparment for my familky with good Internet Access (ADSL is ideal). I plan to be there from November/December till March/April

    I already found a lot of pages on Web about this region but I wanted to speak with somebody who is already there or has experiences with area.

    So Chris if you will find any uselfull info let me know.

    TradingThesun looks nice, but I do not need trading computer and software. I have my own computer and software , I need oinly good INternet access for my trading.
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    Hi I cannot find such user in search of database.
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    Right, there is large British community in Spain, but English is not as popular as in Germany on daily basis, which is one of my major concerns regarding moving to Spain, but for making through winter it should not be such problem.
    I`ll send you links to PM, as I have some number of them.
  8. Marbella is not good for the married with children.

    Why? Think about why you wouldn't move to the strip in Vegas with your family: too many tourists, russian mob, prostitutes.

    But.. Is it fun? yes. Is the weather good? Yes. Just don't expect it to be as warm in the winter like the caribbean.

    There are better places in the Costa del Sol area to live with a family, you could go to Marbella just for shopping, eating out, and have fun.

    You have to go there a couple of weeks and visit personally. Expect it to be expensive.
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    Which places would you recommend for family ?
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