Spain is in a deep, deep recession

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  1. A trip confirmed it.

    Many people are walking, not only they can't afford gas, they can't even afford public transport.
  2. Too bad spain is tied to the euro. A nice trip to las palmas would make my day.
  3. dont worry ..when the world economy continues with this de leverging and Europens become even more un competative..they will break the Euro

    and we'll be able to afford spain and italy once again
    (and so will the spainairds and italians )
  4. Europe will be America's dollar store again. Count on it.
    The Euro will break in half.
  5. PanPizza


    I could care less. When recently in Majorca, I was stroking some fine tanned ass on the beach and was never happier. The girls there are top shelf.
  6. gwac


    The problem with EU is too much focus on Germany and to some extent France. The have not countries always suffer more during downturns. ECB will not lower rates for the smaller countries who need it due to inflation concerns in Germany.

    Always been that way. ERM crisis was due to that.

  7. I say everyone should boycott Europe until they get rid of the Euro. Spend the next several years vacationing in places like Asia, Latin America, Australia etc and let Europe's economy tank. Then once the Euro is history and a massive devaluation has occurred we will go back to Europe again.
  8. Loser, we are talking bucks here, you were probably stroking your..................
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    Obviously, you've never been to Majorca. Probably can't afford it. That's good for those of us who can, Mr Ph.D. in economics.
  10. This coming from someone named PanPizza? ROFLMAO!
    I buy and sell your net worth every day dude.
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