Spain gets manipulated by al-Qaida!

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  1. Socialist Party wins victory in Spain's election just as the al-Qaida wanted. Spain has now taught al-Qaida that terrorist bombings will work to achieve their objectives through fear and manipulation of the masses emotions. Spain could not have sent a worse message to the free world, then to embrace the appeasement policies of the Socialist Workers Party of the Left.

    This can't be a good message for the European Markets tomorrow, and now we have direct al-Qaida ties to the bombings in Spain through those arrested.
  2. Just sent a similar message as your's to the other thread!

  3. I agree with this. Europe has been encoraging Israel to appease the PLO for decades...and this does send a couterproductive message- They've legitimized terrorism by trying to appease it...and this can only bring more terrorism.
  4. They're both equally culpable, IMO. Both sides engage in terroism.

  5. Yes, hard to believe that the whole West European continent population has become a bunch of pacifists/chicken shits! Just what these !^%#@* terrorists want.
  6. "has become"? Remember Chamberlain 1939?
  7. Riskarb

    I do not agree at all with your statement. The terrorists (al-Qaida) that are conducting these current attacks throughout the world have no equal. Evil is not fighting evil here...this is simple to see. Evil minded are at war with those who would be in peace if the evil minded where not active at this time.
  8. I agree with you totally! This is the leverage (Europe) that the terrorists want to use against the U.S. in the geopolitical play they are attempting, in which to weaken our stance (our election....Kerry) against our war with the terrorists. They just might succed if we are all so blind to this simple plan they have.
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    I think the general European populace believes the war on terror is a U.S. problem and they would just as soon leave it to us to take the risks and clean up the mess.

    Unfortunately, even though this incident suggests that those countries allied with the U.S. on this issue are at risk of a terrorist strike, I believe every free democratic nation is vulnerable to attack. Hence, the reports of foiled plots against the railways of France just recently.

    The U.S. is a more difficult target for significant terror right now and I think an attack on the U.S. between now and election day would insure a Bush victory in November. That's not what the terrorists would want.
  10. I've made no reference to Al Qaeda -- my statements are limited to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

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