Spain avoids the financial crisis

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    (shrug) It certainly looks like the markets are focused on Italy now.

    Care to straighten me out on this?
  3. Just wait a few days. If the so-called "market" has taught us anything the past three years, things can change in an instant.
  4. You mean the Jewish media-markets matrix is focused on destroying Italy for profit on fraudulent debt they created.
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    Ok, you're right...... There are no actual debt crisis in the world today. They are just fictional problems created by Jews.....
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    lol uh, ok. :D
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    "Somehow Spain has averted its finanical crisis. Next stop: Italy"

    Italy is not Spain! Italy has heavy industry ( they build planes, jet fighters, helicopters etc., eg. Piaggio, even cabin of the US Presidential helicopter is built in Italy), automobiles, fashion, tourism, agriculture, finance ( Unicredit) where as all Spain has is agriculture, tourism and Banco Santander.
    Spain is a junior partner in Airbus, all technology comes from Germany, France and Britain. Even the best known Spanish car SEAT is a Fiat built under license in Spain.
    Moral of the story, it may be a little harder taking down Italy than Spain.
  8. greece next, then the US
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    Hmm. But isn't it about debt_to_GDP_ratio more than it is about GDP?
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