Space Tourism investments

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    Hi I wonder if theres a way to invest in space tourism??
    I know SpaceShipOne took the x-prize,
    SpaceShipOne was constructed by Scaled Composites , and then after they won Richard Branson(owner of virgin company ) bought the company under virgin galactic name. but i didn't found a way to invest in any of this companies.......
  2. I put 20k down to get a place # on a Virgin galactic Flight. The total fee right now is $200k. I wasn't about to tie up 200k and have the thing not go up until 2015. I think I'm like number 556
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    I have a speculative position in SPDV - check it out.
  4. it's too early to invest in space tourism. You will most likely tie up your money for a while.
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    how many more blown up rocket launchse do you need? imo, that money can be locked down in Casino.
  6. can you sell your seat to others?
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    yes yes
    this could be a good investment...
    Can you sell you seat to others??
  8. Dont think there's a market for this. wanna go at any price
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    I dont know how pepole with money act...
    But if you (someone with money) wanna go at any price.. that's mean that there is (will be after 1st lunch ) a market...



    "World Tourism Organization"
    If we look at tourism spending.. 733 billion $ , on all of the world, space is much larger then the hole world, it might take a portion of that 733 billion $

    In the last Re: Virgin Galactic Newsletter | Issue 9 , there was this picture attached... any idea of investing in these companies?

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