Space storm coming to Earth

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    Space storm coming to Earth

    POSTED AT 5:48 PM Thursday, October 23

    Scientists are warning about a strong geo-magnetic storm expected to hit the Earth tomorrow.

    Forecasters say the storm has the potential to affect everything from cell phones and power grids to other satellite communications.

    The disturbance is rated a G-3 storm. The highest is G-5.

    NASA scientists are calling it the perfect space storm.

    A largest cluster of sunspots caused an explosion on the sun, sending a massive amount of gas and charged particles into space towards Earth.

    Scientist say they expect it to be the worst solar flareup to be felt on Earth since a storm in 1859. That storm caused telegraph wires to short out across North America and Europe.


    Will the geo-magnetic storm have any affect on the markets or internet on Friday?!! :D
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  3. ahhhhhhh! :eek:
  4. Will it affect dsl or cable internet connections. Don't want to risk putting on a trade and losing my internet connection.