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    From Yahoo.com.

    My vote on this one was TRADE SIDEWAYS, however notice how high the votes are for RISE 3% or MORE, 29%, I can guarantee that if the DOW was trading near 13k the votes for FALL LESS THAN 3% and FALL 3% OR MORE would have been 29% instead of 7% and 9%.

    What will the S&P 500 do between now and year-end?

    Rise 3% or more 29%
    Rise less than 3% 29%
    Trade sideways 26%
    Fall less than 3% 7%
    Fall 3% or more 9%
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  2. Yeah, he's had a bad trade or two. Haven't we all? But he's been at it 40 years and does run 2 Billion. Somebody must trust his judgement...
    Disclaimer: FWIW (not much) I run my own systems and follow no advisory services.

    Back in the Bull Ring
    Don Hayes, chief investment officer, Hays Advisory Group

    DON'T EXPECT CONVENTIONAL WISDOM from longtime market seer Don Hays. But count on his contrarian bent and uncommon skill in determining the direction of the stock market to make you money. For close to 40 years, Hays has been helping investors get the best read on important trends and subtle shifts in the economy and the market, through a variety of technical gauges he monitors at his Nashville, Tenn.-based Hays Advisory Group. Twice a week he provides colorful commentary and his own special take on the state of the markets. The firm also recommends sectors and individual stocks and manages $2 billion on behalf of clients. After a brief spell of caution in mid-October, Hays turned 100% bullish a few weeks ago and hasn't looked back.

    Barron's: You, a longtime bull, turned cautious in mid-October. What's your stance now?

    Hays: We developed a matrix in 1987 based on investor psychology, monetary conditions and stock valuations that we use exclusively in determining allocations. This is what determines how much cash we have. We don't argue with it. Right now, for long-term growth it points to 100% equities, zero cash and zero bonds. That compares with Oct. 15, when investor psychology signaled we should raise cash in our portfolio to 8%. But we put it all back in a few weeks

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    Looks like reality is setting in, good call
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  5. Nice call!! Made out nicely today. Longs need to start using a little common sense.
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    Having stayed out yesterday I did very well on the short side today. :)
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  7. But as a member of marketspath.com- you know first hand that we sold just about ALL of our holdings on the December 11th and were stopped out of the rest that day..Still don't understand you wanting 1 year worth of trading history- watched us make oer 50% on 3 different trades- then cancell- Best of luck to you..G-
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