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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by SPX Blaster, Aug 30, 2019.

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    Looking to short SPX when the #3 high appears to be hit. The #4 low is due around September 25. forum.jpg
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  2. tommcginnis


    Not to be mean, but.....

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  3. MACD


    I posted a Like but wish there was a "Really Like Alot"
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    I do think the down move could be big.
  5. tommcginnis


    That cracked me up. :D But consider this -- I was on a firearms site the other day, and kept looking around for the "Like" button, and there was none. I thought, "No *wonder* I haven't been here for a while...!" Just takes all the fun out! Off-topic, but I love the ET format. Funny, but I was a once-a-year visitor here til ~December, 2015, and seldom posted -- but this was before there was a "Like" button, too. Well, some personal things changed, and having a social outlet that let me keep my "Markets!" hat on came in pretty handy. So here I be. Huh. :rolleyes:o_O
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    Thank you so much Elite for both the ignore and block function!!!!!
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    Anyone with nothing good to say in this thread will be ignored and blocked.
  8. MarkBrown


    i have long side bias myself, i only see the sp going up from here and the duration of the run would typically be at least a few weeks.
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    Yes, my cycle shows a price high around September 12. I am currently in a forex trade and am waiting till mid September to short SP.
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  10. Nobert


    You should rethink this approach ;

    forum, doesn't have an unlimited supply of real traders.

    yet, if you did so already, with Tom or MACD, you lowered your chances of success either by 33% or 66%, & so far, only Mark is left.
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