SP500 - It ends soon

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Daring, Mar 29, 2013.

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    Perhaps it creates a false sense of breakout but the outcome is typically the same, first tests are lethal.
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  2. Coincidentally I happen to believe a major pull-back is due in Q2, on S&P

    But I don't believe in placing shorts until the momentum is clearly to the downside. Show a chart of S&P500 over the last couple of years to any child and ask the question; "is this going up or down?"

    The answer is, it is going up.

    As legendary speculators including Jessie Livermore have stated in the past - figure out the path of least resistance and work from there.

    Majority of market participants lose money, so one might conclude that the old adages such as "the trend is your friend" are no use.

    But look around any trading forum and it seems most posters are fixated on calling tops or bottoms.

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    An innate need to be smarter than the market, notoriety.
  4. Children are stupid, and so are most traders.
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    Because I'm excellent at it.
  6. Rilly?

    Please post a P&L statement so we can all admire your infinite virtuosity.
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    I don't share intimacy with strangers, let time pass, then go back to the call, and compare, in the meantime, watch and learn.
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    No? I used to do it all the time, when I was single.
  9. S&P1600
    DOW 15000
    Brace yourselves:D
  10. he's already posted live trades. Why don't you stop being lazy and look them up.
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