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    Does anyone know about this site, he posts real time trades and uses small stops. Is he like Proflogic too or some validity to his calls.
  2. Some people already posted about this guy here. You can find it by doing a search. Just another guru, he does not even hide it. As arrogant as ProfLogic if not more. So what do you expect?
  3. Is there a e-mini mentor out there that trades live with you or is worth the price they charge. Im just a swing trader looking to daytrade full time. Thanks in advance.
  4. http://www.precisionpointtrading.com/

    Check it out. They seem more interested in developing traders than just selling their system. Sounds good to me.

    They claim their results are based on actual trades not on backtesting.

  5. What results? Those posted on their site are at best anecdotal and to get a full summary you need to ask for it by email!!!

    Total scam in the making... Post the complete damn results on your site if you have any to begin with!! 3 months minimum!
  6. I assure you I would not have wasted 8 years of my life if this wasn't profitable!! I have seen may other sites..NOTHING compares to this one...G has called every major TOP and BOTTOM since I can remember. His market direction is exceptional.

    I hope this helps:)
  7. Two and a half years you waited, first post ever and on this specific topic? Couldn't hold it in anymore?