SP500 fundemental forecast

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  1. I recognise it from the MONGOMATH website - how did you come by it? The superb precision and top-notch graphical appeal really give it away.
    If Murray catches you stealing his '3x3' charts he'll bust a nut.

    If I interpret it correctly, it seems to be saying that the alignment of the 3 inner planets will cause a confluence of buying pressure in a selling direction, causing a de-equilbrial fibrillation and leading to a significant move UPWARDS from the solar low-pan vector, but DOWNWARDS from the orbital cluster-flock.

    Am I right or am I right?

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  2. Check out the feature article in Sept 1991 Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities. . .

    then get back to me

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  3. Search the forums for 'MONGOMATH'.

    Until then, you are part of the 90% my friend...

    <i>MurrayMath is in no way meant to be taken seriously</i>
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  4. Hmmm, no i'm not a beginner in market forecasting

    been doing it for awhile. . . .
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