SP500 cycle you need to know about

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  2. >>>>>> What leads, technicals or fundamentals? Does a price chart discount all fundamentals? These debates rage on, but I can say with the utmost accuracy that cycles are great for predicting in the next explosion of activity. A rally or a sell off, no matter cycles have an uncanny knack of being on the money when either is in the infant stages. <<<<<<

    Right on, but Cycles are also notorious for sometimes failing to deliver the expected turns - of, so to speak going plain dead. Still I'd say, overall quite reliable.
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    True my friend

    Goto this page to find how to judge hurst cycle turns


    When price action fails to obey the cycle this is called an inversion. How to judge possible inversions is a technical art that the Hurst analyst must master.

    Methods available are:
    1) Apply a displaced simple moving average to price, displacement being half of the cycle period. If price fails to break the average then price is likely to inverse to the cycle.
    2) Apply the RTT HurstDPO. If the DPO price breaks the cycle swing, then price is likely to inverse to the cycle.
    3) Apply the RTT TrendPower tool, to determine if the strength or weakness of the trend concurs with expected cycle outcome.
    4) Apply methods from the Wyckoff and Gann tool chest. Gann Angles, Wyckoff market phases and volume patterns will increase your odds of correctly determining a price inversion to the cycle