SP1 vs Sp2 w/ integrate & PCI cards

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by DeltaSpread, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. I have a PC which is connected to a network maybe twice a year. It was previously running XP Pro SP1 & supporting two separate monitors/independent displays. I did this by installing/adding a PCI nvidia video card, rebooted & changed the settings in the desktop to have that card/monitor as my primary along with running/expanding the desktop to a separate 2nd monitor on the integrated video port that came with the PC.

    I just upgraded finally to SP2 after doing a wipe of the HD & now when I install the same PCI card & reboot, all I get is black, nothing. The only way I can successfully get a reboot and see the desktop is by previously going into the hardware settings (before installing the PCI card) & removing/de-activating the integrated video card settings. But now, it will not let me add the integrated video card port/monitor by expanding my desktop to run the 2nd monitor.

    Is this something that is now basically changed & forcing you to get another video card rendering that integrated video card port useless??

    Any suggestions appreciated other than running a splitter. I just want to know if there is a way to tweak this in the settings or simply just get another cheap PCI video card.