SP03M/ES03M reaction to an Iraqui Chemical Attack

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by buzzy2, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. Effect on index futures of a chemical attack on Baghdad.
  2. That's like asking the effect on the index futures of the development of faster-than-light travel. I don't think either is going to happen, and we there are way more realistic scenarios to speculate about. Like how will the market react if the war drags out for months? What if Greenspan does one thing or the other? What if Bush declares a victory tomorrow and calls his troops home?
  3. I already asked this question.

    About your comments, I am not trying to be smart or look smart, I'm just trying to read the market and make some bucks in the process.
  4. buzzy2,

    I guess all I wanted to say is that the possibility that Saddam might have chemical weapons is really irrelevant to the market.

    I realize that many Americans see it as their "patriotic duty" to not dismiss the possibility that Saddam could have WMD, but the market is not patriotic. It knows that the only WMD that might be found in Iraq will have been planted by the aggressors to justify their crusade.

    The market is about economic reality, not diplomacy or ideology.
  5. Ebo


    You are an asswipe.
  6. That's what an academic would say, but no, the market is about human emotion...

    Emerging market paper is correlated with soccer matchs.... is there any relation b/w soccer matchs and economic reality? Of course not.

    Why do you think TA works?