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    I got the picture of this clock from other post.

    There are so many Dangerous trading periods.

    The lunch begins around quarter past 11. Is it so early? Finished by quarter past 2. Do people take such long lunch hours? There are less than 2 hours left that are OK to trade.

    Do you agree with the periods indicated on this clock?
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  2. It is a joke.

    At least partially.

    The time periods are provided by Online Trading Academy. They match with what they teach curriculum. Remember they are geared towards beginners. While there is some degree of truth to that (lunch hour doldrums and reversal times), if you straightly follow that guideline to trade stocks/ES futures, you are not going to get too far. Make your own observations.

    If you believe if what Oliver Velez likes to tell it, every trader on Wall Street is a big guy who goes out and eat a 2 hour lunch every darn day. Thus causing a doldrums. Right!
  3. Surdo


    If Ollie teaches it, it must be true.
    Where do I get me one a dose "Trader Clocks"?
  4. ronblack


    If you are big boss with good ideas and slaves to execute them you start lunch at 11:00 and you go back at 4:00 pm to collect the profits. You monitor everything real-time with your iPhone.

    I don't understand why you are surprised. You never been to Wall Street, have you?

    Thanks for the laughs :):):)
  5. charts


    Very low volume periods are the most difficult to trade ... Next: very high volume periods ... :)