SP Trader/Mark Roberts Fraud-FBI reports

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    Unfortunately, we were stung by the SP Trader Hedge Fund and lost our life savings. This is not an unsubstantiated slur. We never received our money and so began an extensive investigation ourselves which included speaking with prosecuters in Switzerland and Austria where there is a pending suit against Mark Roberts. The original SP Trader account at RBS Coutts is frozen because of the investigation, however they have opened a new Swiss account at a different bank in Switzerland. There is much to be said as to our findings but it would take too long. If anyone has questions I will be happy to answer them.

    The reason for writing this is that we met with the FBI recently. They have put the case on file but need more people to complain about SP Trader (with proof) in order to be able to begin an investigation.

    I would love to know if anyone has ever met Mark Roberts. No one seems to know where he is or what he looks like.
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    If you have had issues with redemption i would appreciate a post to let me know, especially if you notify the FBI.

  3. I purchased 20 units of the fund over two years ago. On December 21, 2008, I faxed a partial redemption request of $80,000 to the fund, they asked me to scan the form to them. On January 12, 2009, a person named Ben told me my e-mail that my redemption will be paid on June 27, 2009. I sent them a reminder e-mail a few days before that, but there is no money wire to me. Today (July 1, 2009) i received an email from Ben told me they are sorry for the delay but will let me know the redemption date ASAP. After reading your posting, I believe this could be a continuous delaying game and they will never pay the money to their clients.

    Please advise me how can I report this to FBI or other agencies? How long ago you asked for your redemption? any other actions we can take? is there other victims there? So we can unit and do something useful together. Thanks.:mad:
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    I only took out 1 lot of the mini fund as a tester - all the DD I did seemed to check out... but I was still sceptical about the profits posted and the trading strategy seemed to be very openly discussed in the news letter.

    I waited for 12 months, and then tried to redeem the full amount + profit (based on this I was going to take out more lots, but they have since closed the mini lots)

    All the phone numbers are now not working, and it takes a miracle to get a response out of them.

    I have been chasing them for well over 6 months now, with no success. A guy named "Ben" has been fobbing me off with stories of "Banking Regulation halting all redemptions".

    So far I have recieved nothing - but they are still openly advertising for new business.

    Thankfully I will only have lost 3k GBP.

    To anyone thinking of investing in this outfit - look elsewhere.

    To anyone investigating them officially, I would love the name/address of anyone involved in running this outfit.


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    I feel sorry for the person making up names to write back and forth to themselves.

    Wow this is a SAD THREAD.


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  6. anytime a broker tries to sell you "UNITS" look the other way. I don't fell sorry for anyone who loses money or makes money in the markets. do it your self and you have only yourself to blame. This is a game for big boys. I am so tired of the whiners.. all the peopel who wane big returns with no risk.. THERE IS NO REWARD WITHOUT RISK! no matter how you define the risk it is there.
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    4 people now making comments on 1 thread with less than 5 posts each, damn this is funny.
  8. shouldn't you be commenting on the market.. who gives a flying f what we post about... lol..funny thing is you are following these posts..
  9. Whats funny is investing in an SP trading hedge fund.

    GL getting your money out of that one *cough* *cough*
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    To the guy complaining about a person making up posts and writing back and forth to self - I ask. Do you work for SP Trader?

    To others: this post was created for those who also got stung to know that the FBI is interested in their report. It is not to whine or slander.
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