SP Trader - Huge returns...anyone invested with them

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  1. SPtrader.com is something a few colleagues have talked about lately, its a fund you can buy into for a small amount, like 6k USD, but for a real share you need 400k USD.
    One colleague has only 6k there right now...and is making 2% a month....nothing spectacular, but has anyone heard about them or invested with them before?

    And no Im not affiliated with them in any way...just curious about a fund with rather big results...

    Here is the yearly performance...I cut and pasted from their website

    54.00 - 2000
    61.47 - 2001
    75.21 - 2002
    95.34 - 2003
    153.89 - 2004
    45.70 - 2005
    25.85 2006

  2. Their equity curve looks too good to be true. You could bet the ranch on a fund with a Sharpe ratio of 5 and quickly have all the money in the world.

    Why would they even bother to take outside money with a record like that? Much less pikers with 6k minimum accounts.

  3. Yeah....so true isnt it, it appears to be Americans running it from Switzerland, someone I know actually went to meet them.
    With those returns I would expect Goldman or MAN to just give them 300mil to trade for them privately and shut up....thats what Ive seen with other good traders/funds/systems....
  4. You know...sometimes...is it really worth it...never mind...
  5. virgin


    They claim to be a fund but what is the name of the fund and where is it licensed ?

    It all looks very fishy to me
  6. Is that ignignokt attachment their fund logo or something?
  7. Sanjuro


    It's really hard to believe. I would like to invest if they are real.
    What prevents them from closing down and keeping your money?

    www.register.com for www.sptrader.com

    SP Trade Investments Capital Ltd
    John Nichols (3086836725) (sptrader_fund@yahoo.com)
    212 Piccadilly
    Tel. +447.092017493

    Creation Date: 30-Apr-2004
    Expiration Date: 30-Apr-2008
  8. YEah...no clue what prevents them from takin client money.

    The picture I posted for fun....see how many opened it.
  9. DWV


    I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be a HYIO scam (high yield income opp) - these are ALL scams. They are set up like a pyramid scheme - people late to the party are left holding the bag. I did a search and found them mentioned on some HYIO sites.
  10. Wow...can you post that link?
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